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B & B Veg

The selected vegetables are grown using the fully organic labour intensive method, although the irony of being fully certified is the added annual expense. The wide variety of vegetables and herbs are selected for their flavour rather than for appearance or high yield. Salad, edible flowers, sage rosemary, oregano and mint are amongst some of the plants grown during B&B’s fourth successful season.

Being in Cornwall means the prices are low and transport great. We have an extended growing season and the allotment is close to the Hayle estuary. Being the warmest estuary in the UK, it keeps the frost away making the growing time last longer.

St. Ives offers an abundance of high end clients which means restaurants are able to buy top end ingredients to suit their customers.

The Alba is unique due to the mature and highly experienced staff members including the exceptional quality of the Starter Chef who is present four nights out of seven.

For a chef, Grant is very even tempered. He has been a friend for a long while and the whole team has worked there for a long time. We function well as a team and it reflects through the food. The menu is tailored to what is available. We do try and plan a little but there is always the excitement of never knowing what is going to be ready – Mother Nature tends to have a hand in this.


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Primrose 1b

Primrose Herd

Primrose Herd are first and foremost breeders and finishers of traditional breed pigs, producing an award winning range of pork and bacon.

The farm is located in the beautiful Cornish countryside, tucked away from the outside world and equidistant between the north and south coasts. The area is a World Heritage Site, and mine ruins dot the landscape. The farm is a family affair, the dedicated pursuit of Sally and Bill Lugg, and their three children, who all play a part in the hands-on business of producing top quality pork cuts, bacon and sausages.

Their traditional and non-intensive approach to animal husbandry produces excellent marbling in the meat, a good meat and fat ratio, and a more developed flavour. All aspects of production take place in-house, allowing them complete control as they work to their tried and tested family recipes.

St. Ives has that special quality and uniqueness that attracts both visitors and locals alike. There are many places to eat within the town but for us Alba stands head and shoulders above everyone else. Their attention to detail and genuine support  of the best local producers ensures excellent reviews and recommendations from their diners.

Grant is one of our most loyal chefs and has supported Primrose Herd for many years.

Primrose Herd has an on-farm butchery, regular stalls at farmers markets in Cornwall and distributes to nearby farm shops, maintaining the traditional connection with our local customers. Their pork is proudly served in Cornwall’s top restaurants including the Alba, endorsed by the renowned chefs of the South West, and has won multiple awards over the years.

This year Primrose Herd submitted a large range of products to the Taste of the West Awards – the most prestigious programme of recognition for food and drink producers in the South West. They were amazed when the results were announced: 7 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Highly Commended! This was their best ever year, and the second year their Smoked Back and Chorizo style sausages have been awarded Gold. They entered products in three different sections – Meat & Poultry, Sausages and Bacon.


Cornish Duck Co.

The Cornish Duck Company delivers high quality fresh duck from their small-scale artisan operation to your home. Because they care for their livestock right through from hatch to dispatch, they guarantee a product that’s been given the time and space to reach its best.

The Olver family has been traditionally farming in Cornwall for three generations. Their 150 acre farm houses the Duchy’s first commercial duck enterprise, populated with specially bred and very happy free range ducks. The foundation stock was originally sourced from a breeder that had spent years crossing traditional breeds of duck to optimise their flavour. Eventually, they purchased a hatchery and began breeding their own duck, the ‘Terras Duck’. The unique breed is completely free range. Raised for longer than most commercial producers, the ducks grow slowly without the need for chemical interference and are fed on non-GM and non-medicated pellets.

Cornish Duck traditionally sells at local farmers’ markets and to top class restaurants across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, including The Alba in St Ives. They are passionate about producing the very best flavour and service for their chefs and customers, in the most natural environment for their beloved ducks.


Cornishduck Co

Burdett Wines

We are a small, but perfectly formed Cornwall-based company that puts our relationship with our customers at the forefront of what we do. You can write the names of every person in the team on the back of a champagne cork, and that is the way we like it.

Our relationship with the Alba is special – we have been supplying them for many years and we value very highly their loyalty and friendship. In a buzzy town like St Ives with its vibrant restaurant scene it is very important that wine merchant and restaurateur work closely together.


Scarlet Wines

Scarlet Wines & the Vineyard Table is a wine shop, delicatessen and restaurant located in Lelant, near St Ives. We love good wine, good food, and good company.

We usually have about 300 wines in stock at any time, and we keep the list updated as we discover new treasures and we always aim for something artisan, hand crafted, unusual and, above all, delicious.

Grant’s inspirational cooking and desire to push the boundaries has led us to work together on the restaurant’s latest fine wine list, where we’ve found a local outlet for some wonderfully special wines.


Matthew Stevens

We’re a fresh fish wholesaler and fishmonger operating from St Ives and, since 1948, we’ve passionately run our family business delivering the highest quality fresh fish and seafood with unrivalled levels of service.

Devoted to promoting the benefits of fresh fish and sustainable produce, we strive to lead the market using traceable means and, through this practice, continue to make a positive impact on our environment and our communities.

To this end, our suppliers are as important to us as our customers so we continue to forge strong working relationships with local fishermen and regional markets to cultivate a shared integrity towards accountability, consistency and reliability.

We supply some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country and only the freshest fish from local coves, ports and markets of Cornwall make the grade.

Our family business has been operating for more than 50 years overlooking the beautiful St Ives Bay – we love what we do, and we’re experts in our field.


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Origin Coffee Cup

Origin Coffee

Great tasting coffee and crafting distinctive espresso is at the forefront of what they do at Origin…

Finding and roasting the best beans available is of paramount importance and they go the extra mile to make sure their blends and single estate coffees are among the best you’ve ever tasted. Each year they visit coffee growing communities to build direct relationships with farms they want to buy from and to cement existing relationships they have with their trusted growers. Their strict ethical standards mean they only want to work with farms that are not only producing top notch beans, but are also mindful of their workers and their families.

Origin visits the farms they buy from and spends a long time roasting small coffee samples with different profiles to make sure they’re roasting their beans to get their optimum flavour. All their coffee is environmentally sourced and their strict social standards mean they work closely with their farmers to guarantee they are getting a great price for their crop and that their workers and the environment are being looked after too.

Based in the depths of Cornwall, they’re crazily enthusiastic about sourcing, importing, roasting and selling great coffee. Established in 2004, Origin has become a well-known coffee roaster in the UK who supplies some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the UK including some belonging to celebrity chefs. In short, they love crafting distinctive espresso with beans they know taste great, are traded fairly and proud to put our name on.